Laura Stassi is author of Romance Redux: Finding Love In Your Later Years and creator and host of the public radio podcast Dating While Gray: The Grown-Up’s Guide to Love, Sex, and Relationships. She explores issues and relays true stories about seeking, finding, and keeping love after age 50. Online dating, sexual intimacy, deal breakers – everything’s on the table!


Laura was married for almost 30 years before getting divorced. Newly single, she turned to friends and relationship experts for advice. On Dating While Gray and in Romance Redux, Laura shares the lessons she’s learned and introduces other gray daters as they all weather the wild world of love, with advice from experts.

Laura is also an award-winning writer of health, wellness, and medical features for military families, and she’s the author of several nonfiction books for young readers. The mother of two grown-ups (when did that happen?!), Laura is a dedicated jogger along the wooded paths of Reston, Virginia, and sandy shores of Emerald Isle, North Carolina.





Romance Redux

Romance Redux explores how older people are seeking, finding, and keeping intimate relationships.